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Backdating child

in january this year i had to close my bank account due to identity fraud through no fault of my own i had to contact child benefit and child tax credits to inform them i no longer had an account the child tax office where great and agreed to send me girocheques for my payments but child benefit office said i had to wait until i opened another account to begin recieving payments from them again as they dont do girocheques!

(which is silly really) because my account was closed as someone was using my details to get credit and things (* identity fraud) i still havent been able to open another account with a bank dont know why as it wasnt my fault it has know been 7 months and during that period i havent recieved any child benefit for my son and am struggling i am due my next child on 15th september and really need to get this sorted before then if possible .

how can i go about this and also am i entitled to any of the money i have missed backdated?

You do not need to have a special reason to ask for your claim to be backdated, for some benefits.

It is always best to make your claim as soon as possible.

Don't delay making your claim because you can't get the evidence we need.

Make your claim and provide the evidence later, but within one month.

Our expert family lawyers can conduct a full review of your case and provide a written report on your rights and legal options for a low fixed fee.

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Dear Sir or Madam, Please let me know in what way the Home Office will compensate HSMP holders for lost Child Benefit which HMRC will not backdate further than 3 months?

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