Best pics from russian dating sites

Posted by / 22-Aug-2017 08:24

Best pics from russian dating sites

) and the sexy-and-I-know-it poses (we're looking at you, Androgynous Mermaid), these pictures are undeniably amazing.

While we don’t know what any of these people were thinking when they posted these pictures meant to entice a new lover (and frankly, we can’t even begin to guess), we do know that the objective is the same.

The following images were snagged by a Redditor and uploaded to Imgur from various Rusian dating websites.

Edward Snowden must be thinking that amnesty is the worst thing that ever happened to him right about now… If you tweet me your best “Russian Style Dating Picture,” I will most likely laugh and then share it on this site.

Would you date somebody with these kind of pictures displayed on their profile?

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That’s it: we’re all joining Russian dating websites, even if you’ve already found love, or aren’t looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, laughing and living and LOLing while we watch with a bottle of wine and maybe, if we’re feeling naughty, a slice of warm pie with cold ice cream on top ;).

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