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Partner violence is any sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse of one partner by the other in a romantic relationship.While arguing or fighting occurs in all relationships, partner violence is about power and control of one partner by the other.Here are some tips for helping your family handle stress and for dealing with stress that comes from your familial relationships.You do a good job of keeping a happy face at work, but maybe when you come home, you let your family have it.Evenly dividing chores like sweeping, taking out the trash, vacuuming, washing the dog, and raking the yard can prevent future conflict.If everyone pitches in, no one person will feel put upon.You may be inadvertently taking out your stress on your family and doing harm without realizing it.

The rates of sexual victimization for LGB respondents was 23.2 percent, nearly double that of heterosexual youth, of whom 12.3 percent reported sexual coercion.National Statistics Domestic Violence and Physical Abuse Domestic Violence and Psychological Abuse Domestic Violence and Economic Abuse Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Domestic Violence and Stalking Dating Violence and Teen Domestic Violence Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Domestic Abuse in Later Life Domestic Violence and Guns Who is Doing What to Whom?Why do Women Use Force or Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships?If your intuition tells you something is wrong, you shouldn't ignore it.Stalking, similar to dating and intimate partner violence, is a crime of power and control.

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Due to the nature of being in a relationship with the abuser, partner violence can be hard to identify and understand.