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Authorities have refused to provide The Des Moines Register with a booking photo from Fifield's arrest on a felony sex abuse charge, saying the public release of such photos of juveniles is forbidden by Iowa law.Graduating senior Nicholas Fifield, 18, of Windsor Heights, was the subject of a Reader’s Watchdog column last month after parents of other tennis team members at the West Des Moines high school questioned the discipline handed him by school administrators.You had detailed discussions with Watkins about the sexual acts to which the two of you were going to subject your infant. The report then goes into EXTREMELY graphic detail of what Watkins and B do sexually to the 10-month old baby boy and recounts more texts between the two after the incident planning future abuse of the child. Im shocked, I always though that maybe there was a different side to this story, a side that was nontheless twisted, but possibly misunderstood. He needs life, in a dungon, no sunlight, one lousy meal a day of the most digusting food possible, and a cold hard floor to sleep on.On 21st March Watkins says “Come down this weekend and we can fuck him up again” and you text back saying “tell me if you want to get your dick in our boy”. Watkins can be seen spitting on the boy’s bottom to facilitate his attempt. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Your communications with Watkins start in August 2012. I was so wrong, so wrong, this is without a doubt something that deserves castration and a life sentence. They should be held accountable, the harm could have been prevented. I know I’m not supposed to judge lord, but this is just fowl.However, the city did not make a compelling argument that equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment and the state’s Equal Rights Amendment do not apply.

Watkins said “if u belong to me so does ur baby” and you responded “understandable… She went on to talk about both her and her baby sharing Watkins’ penis with their tongues. _________________________________________________________________________________________ “Those who have appeared in these courts or at the Bar or on the Bench over many years see and hear a large number of horrific cases. Any decent person looking at and listening to the material here will experience shock, revulsion, anger and incredulity.” Yes Sir. *Rock Revolt®Magazine is not responsible for ruined clothing, bedding, computers, laptops, tables or cellphones due to regurgitation cause by reading this article or the full report. Tags: 2013, Cardiff Crown Court, Cardiff Crown Court Justice Royce QC, Ian Watkins, Judge document, Judge Report, Judge ruling, Judge statement, Lostprophets, sentencing, Sentencing Statements Document, trial, updated 2014 This is undoubtedly the most horrendous, most revolting thing I havery ever read. Reply I literally vomited, I couldn’t read the rest. This is one thing I will never understand,because there is no understanding. I also can’t believe the mothers aren’t getting the same punishment.

Some felt the judge, who had accepted the probation department’s recommendation, acted correctly.

Others said the judge — also a former Stanford athlete — could not see past his own biases to hand down a just sentence.

An independent judiciary is a cornerstone of our justice system, and judges must be free to exercise discretion.

Yet there is a reason judges stand for reelection every six years; our state Constitution makes them accountable to the voters.

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Activists Brittiany Hoagland and Samantha Six, who are members of the national Free the Nipple movement, claim in a lawsuit the city ordinance passed a year ago violates their constitutional rights.