Liquidating real

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Liquidating real

It should be understood that the only time a company can seek solvent liquidation is if all debts are paid in full when the company seeks a winding up order.

If all debts are paid in full there will be no negative repercussions levied against the directors and/or shareholders.

As always, White & Case is happy to advise concerning the alternative transaction structures available for non-US investors based on each investor’s particular circumstances.

As pride now influences the decision making process, the likely person you turn to may be your spouse, who may already be fed up to the back teeth of the situation as they watch the life savings and family home equity get pumped into the business.

Introduction Current market conditions present favorable opportunities for non-US persons to invest in US real property.

However, potential investors must be mindful of the US federal income tax consequences that may result from such investments.

A failing or failed business will always bring stress, family problems and if you’re really unlucky, divorce.

But one problem which can be prevented is to hold off calling in the insolvency practitioner until your affairs are in order.

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