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Rowupdating old values null

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Note it has an unpredictable number of records and in some cases I want to query the table and trim off the records that are earliest in the time series that are all null that occur prior to the first record that has at least one value.

In this example I want to remove records 2000-01-01 through 2000-01-05.

My SQL Connectors provide connectivity to the My SQL server for client programs. See Section1.6.2, My SQL Community Support at the My SQL Forums. The procedure for doing this is described in Section21.1.4.8, Getting an ODBC Trace File. However, compression will not occur if the compressed length is greater than the original length.

Added By = CType(Session("User Profile"), BOUser Profile).

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It's quite straight forward - and works well for the most primitive data types. Loading seems not to be the issue - the conversion from postgres to works fine - but on Update - the exceptions are thrown.

"time with time zone" or xml either a Missing Operator- (xml = text) or an Invalid Cast-Exception occurs. Here the example code, To reproduce the issue - just setup a database with a table - first add only primitive data-type rows (int , uid, string, text ect.) test it - and you'll see - update just works fine.

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APIs provide low-level access to the My SQL protocol and My SQL resources. Check the Connector/ODBC trace file to find out what could be wrong. Thus, some packets will contain compressed data while other packets will not. This is useful in clustered configurations to force load balancing between a running server and a server just brought online.