The dating disasters of sirius black

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so if there’s anyone out there, like me, who only recently saw the error of their ways and the bleakness of their lives before shipping wolfstar, and want some good fic to read, hopefully this list can be of assistance.or if you’re an old shipper looking to revisit some fics or in need of some new ones.This post is dedicated to Harry Potter’s closest confidants.Hagrid is an enormous man, being a half-giant, but despite his large frame he is gentle as a mouse.A kind-hearted man easily loved by Ron, Hermione, and Harry who valued his loyalty and courage.His warm nature is what allows his friends to look past his love of dangerous creatures and knack for leaking secrets.or if you’re just curious and have a lot of time on your hands.

Her leadership, hard-work, and natural abilities make her stand out but her kind nature and helpfulness is what makes her beloved.

Always lauded as one of the classics and rightly so.

A Vengeance So Sweet; or When Harry Met Draco and Ended Their War Games by lilithilium (Harry/Draco/NC-17). Ab Epistulis by autumn_lecroix (Harry/Draco/PG-13).

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Nearly all of these stories have explicit descriptions of male/male sex. Below are recs for Harry Potter, due South, Stargate Atlantis, Pirates of the Caribbean, ST: Reboot, Sherlock Holmes, and Miscellaneous Brilliance I've run across. By that I mean, witty, sly, and clever, just cracking writing.