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Older controllers may not have the DIN interface and will require opening and soldered connections.

This unit does not disable the rotator controller and all controls on it can continue to be used (although it is advisable not to attempt to control the rotator with manual controls and with the interface simultaneously.) The schematic above shows a basic setup supporting a 4 bit interface LCD, azimuth and elevation voltage inputs, manual buttons, and a single variable speed voltage output.

Summary: After 2-1/2 years of use, including lots of DX'ing and many contest efforts on both CW and SSB, I'm very pleased with the performance of the transceiver. No mod required and you can even adjust the keying rise/fall time. There are other nice new features, but I'll discuss them below in appropriate sections of this page. First, I must mention that the FT-2000 I have today is quite a bit different than the FT-2000 I bought in 2006. Because its firmware has been upgraded several times and this new firmware has significantly improved some of the features in the radio.

This GPS provides provides all the known GPS features used by the Yaesu, including position, altitude, speed, and direction.To add position and velocity (GPS information) to the transmitted packet, an external Proprietary GPS module must be purchased from Yaesu and connected to HT.The goal of this project was to create a compatbile GPS unit, made with open-source and generally available components, that could be used to proivde the position and velocity information for the Yaesu HT.Additional controls and options such as an azimuth present potentiometer, azimuth and elevation preset rotary encoders, and brake control lines can be added as needed if the appropriate pins are chosen and set in code at compilation time.If using with an azimuth-only rotator, all components related to elevation can be omitted.

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The biggest change for me is not having to select filter bandwidths.

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